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[Consoles]Dungeons 3 Update 1.5.3 has been released!

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    [Consoles]Dungeons 3 Update 1.5.3 has been released!

    The updating Evil has released a new update for Dungeons 3.

    • A new Sandbox map called 'Crowley's March', featuring additional all-new gameplay mechanics, has been added free of charge.
    • Added new ‘Diabolical’ difficulty mode for Skirmish maps.
    • Dungeon creeps now have other goals and targets besides attacking the dungeon heart.
    • Doors now have health bars.
    • Players can now blacklist random researches in Skirmish mode.
    • Players can now select different wall tile sets for their dungeon in Skirmish mode.
    • Fixed several localisation issues.
    • Fixed several gameplay mechanics and AI bugs.
    • Fixed a problem with the scroll storage showing incorrect numbers in the research menu.
    • Fixed Ironhide beds being displayed as Orc beds after loading a game.
    • The Crypta room will now visually indicate that there’s a problem if there is no workstation in place.
    • We have fixed a problem with certain spawn events not spawning units, most importantly a caravan in 'The End of Burgers' End'-level.
    • We have fixed Japanese font sheets.
      Note: a very few less important texts are displayed in English instead of Japanese.
    • Additionally we have fixed 'Clash of Gods' skirmish savegames to lose features after being loaded.

    Woo-hoo! Thanks for this GREAT news!


      Yes, I saw its trailer and it is amazing.
      Thanks for sharing this news. My brother used to play this game.