Vote El Pez at 'The Game Awards 2019' or else...

Fellow Tropicans!
El Presidente is thrilled to have received a nomination for his Tropico 6 as 'Best Strategy Game' at 'The Game Awards 2019'.
El Prez’ patented ‘guaranteed winning’ strategy is a bit invalid outside of Tropico, so we need your help to wrangle the vote for our lovable leader:

Vote El Prez
or else...
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Music Thread

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    Music Thread

    Post and link your favorite music or whatever you're listening to!

    Haiduk kicks it off with metal!

    From the new album 'Exomancer'

    Hi there \m/
    was waiting so long for such a thread to pop up
    Static-X, still my favorite.

    Besides that, I hope for more (hopefully Metal) to be posted here in off-topic.




      I don't listen to metal very often any more, but I used to like Rammstein, Oomph!, Sabaton, Metallica, and Disturbed. I still have a lot of Rammstein audio CDs, though I don't listen to CDs very often any more either. Not really metal, but E Nomine is still probably my favorite German music group or artist. I was able to get several of their CDs when I visited Germany. I listen to a lot of French music now though, mostly from NRJ:
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        I should add that my favorite game music by far is from Tropico 6 :-) . Glad I was able to get the soundtrack.